Shotcrete is when high performance concrete or mortar is shot through a hose at a surface at very high speeds.

The concrete is sprayed creating very dense layers up to the thickness that is required. Shotcrete is perfect for domes, tunnels or any round shapes. Shotcrete has been evolving since the early 1900s.

Shotcrete is extremely strong and can not only be used for protecting surfaces but also for renovating existing structures.

Structural Shotcrete

Structural shotcrete is used for its quick turnover, projects are completed much faster, concrete can be applied to areas larger than 2m per day. Faster application results in lower cost projects due to lower labour costs.

Concrete Repair

Using shotcrete for repairs on existing project is the most cost saving and effective method of applying repairs.

Support and Stabilisation

Shotcrete can be used as a support method in many different industries. In the mining industry it is often used to support the openings or to stabilise unstable slopes near highways, houses or where needed.


Silos can be returned back to its original state, just as secure as when originally built. Carbon fiber is often used in conjunction with shotcrete in its application. The carbon fiber aids in the strength of the silo, carbon fiber also has a longer shelf life.

Recreational Purposes

Shotcrete is often known for its use on large construction projects, but it is also used in some smaller projects. Skate parks use shotcrete to form ramps and half pipes, shotcrete can be used in zoos to create fake rock features, or it can be used in natural swimming pools.

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