Shotcrete is a method of applying wet-mix concrete shot out of a hose at high velocity to an overhead or vertical surface. The whole cement-sand-aggregate blend is already mixed with water when it arrives in a ready-mix truck.

When hardened, shotcrete’s properties are similar to conventional cast-in-place concrete. However, placing it results in an outstanding bond with most substrates and allows you to create complex forms and shapes. In addition, shotcrete is more economical and requires less formwork than cast-in-place concrete.

While shotcrete applications are almost limitless, these are some of the most common applications.


Frequently, shotcrete is used for the repair and restoration of reinforced and nonreinforced constructions. Common structures include:

  • Bridges
  • Parking garages
  • Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Sewers

Ground support

Shotcrete is the preferred method to stabilise earth and rock excavations effectively. It offers several advantages over traditional timber and steel shoring when used to stabilise soil for excavation in tunnelling and mining.


Shotcrete is often used for the construction of several structures, including foundations, tanks, and domes. It’s preferred for minimising costs and the ability to construct curved, straight, or irregular surfaces and structures.


Swimming pools and skate parks have many curves, making shotcrete the perfect flexible application for a durable, watertight, economic, and attractive result.


Shotcrete tanks can be used to store a variety of liquids like wastewater. In addition, since the 1950s, shotcrete domes have been built in various sizes ranging from small shelters to vessels of more than 60 metres.


An increasing number of architectural applications are created with shotcrete, thanks to its economy and versatility. It’s ideal for intricately formed structures, from buildings to landscapes. In addition, designers, architects, and contractors choose shotcrete for construction.

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Shotcrete is an excellent alternative to conventional concrete and has various application options. If you would like to know more about shotcrete, get in touch with a representative from Shotcrete Africa today.

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