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About Us

Got a project that we can help with?

About Our Shotcrete Manufacturing Company

Shotcrete Africa SCP is a Level 2 BBBEE Manufacturing Company making use of the wet-shotcrete method of placing structural concrete to construct concrete civil structures with all the benefits the shotcrete process offers. We provide the expertise, quality and professionalism for you, the client, to spec your idea/needs and leave the rest to us. We work throughout Southern Africa.

Who we are

Our skilled team consists of:
  • Trained nozzle men and air lance operators who understand the importance of the water to cement mix ratio and the consequences of rebound encasement.
  • Cutters and finishers who are better described as concrete artists.
  • Plant operators who can strip and repair a rig in best time, leading to less on site delays and maximum output.
  • Management who take responsibility to deliver best quality every time, not only in the final product, but throughout the contract experience from tender through planning, professional health & safety, up to date equipment, a happy workforce and most importantly, a very satisfied client for life.
Our process:

We offer both wet & dry shotcrete, selecting the process that lends itself best to site conditions.

We work closely in conjunction with our material supply partners and can offer you a custom mix design with strengths from everyday 25mpa through to ultra high strength 80mpa concrete. Our standard mix design consistently achieves compressive test results of over 40mpa.

We only use best of breed REED equipment on our sites.

Their dry shotcrete (gunite) equipment provides a very even flow of material which aids hydration at the nozzle and results in a uniform quality concrete – perfect for smaller contracts and concrete repair.

REED wet-shotcrete pumps are designed for harsh, low slump materials which enable us to avoid the use of accelerating chemicals that can affect long term strengths in concrete. With pressure ratings from 81bar to 145bar we have a range of shotcrete pumps suitable for high volume shotcrete application, structural shotcrete and refractory spec mixes.

Contact Us

Shotcrete can be used in almost any concrete project and typically results in significant savings of time and money. Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.

Give us a call, drop us an email, or pay us a visit and let us know how we can assist you with wet or dry mix sprayed application, let us complete your project to the highest level of quality.

Spionkop Ave,

North Riding AH,




Phone:    011 027 4337  /  076 944 9682