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Concrete Repair & Stabilization | Shotcrete South Africa
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Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation

Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation

FTP CT Repair pillars - Shotcrete South Africa
Repair Pillars - Shotcrete South Africa
Repair Pillars - Shotcrete Specialists 01
Repair Pillars - Shotcrete Specialists
Shotcrete South Africa 01
Shotcrete South Africa

Concrete Repair & Stabilisation


One of the most economical and effective methods of concrete repair is by the shotcrete process. This is particularly true for repairs that would otherwise require forming, such as vertical and overhead repairs. Shotcrete materials are placed pneumatically onto prepared substrates, finished, and cured with no additional steps required. The use of bonding agents is not required or advised because consolidation and bonding of the material occurs during proper shotcrete application. As with all repair techniques, proper surface preparation is paramount in attaining a permanent repair solution. The shotcrete process is typically used to restore structural integrity, increase concrete cover over reinforcement, or both. It’s typically used when forming requirements are difficult and/or  prohibitively expensive.


The shotcrete process will bond to a properly prepared surface with about 65% of the tensile strength that concrete bonds to itself internally (2mpa vs 3mpa). This high strength bond (effectively a monolithic structure) is why the shotcrete will not de-laminate and is an excellent concrete repair method

The contract above required major structural concrete repairs that included:

  • Recording of all spalled concrete
  • Removal via pneumatic breakers to 30mm behind existing reinforcing
  • Wire brush of all steel with grinders
  • Coating of steel with rust inhibitor
  • Replace steel to deteriorated for re-use
  • Install lightweight shuttering
  • Surface saturate the existing concrete
  • Apply a silica fume enhanced dry shotcrete (gunnite) of our own design in conjunction with our material partners
  • Screed surface & steel trowel to F1 concrete finish
  • Apply curing compound

This superlative concrete repair has stopped degradation and renewed the building structurally. Extending the lifespan of the building by over 25 years.