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Sprayed Concrete Services

For many years, Shotcrete Africa has been a leading company of sprayed concrete specialists that services various sectors with both wet and dry shotcrete solutions. Experience, insights, cutting-edge technology and training have placed us as the ideal provider of services relating to the shotcrete process.

But what is the shotcrete process?

Shotcrete is not a material, but a process, and we have placed it at the core of all our services.
Both wet and dry processes produce a material that exhibits superior hardened properties to high quality conventional concrete, such as high strength, low permeability, and high durability.
The nature of the shotcrete placement process provides additional benefits such as excellent bond with most substrates and instant or rapid capabilities, particularly with complex forms or shapes.
This renders shotcrete as an approach that is versatile in its application, finding use in commercial, residential, and industrial settings of all types.
In fact, the more complicated and scaled-up the project gets, the more appropriate shotcrete becomes as an approach, as opposed to placing traditional concrete.
We offer both wet and dry shotcrete, which is selected based on site conditions.

The Benefits of the Shotcrete Process

The shotcrete process offers a number of specialised benefits when compared to traditional concrete placement laying.

Effective for Complex Forms

Because shotcrete is sprayed, it can be applied with improved accuracy and control. This makes it ideal for concrete used on complex forms, such as those found in swimming pools and skate parks.

Increased Bond Strength

Sprayed shotcrete results in structures that are less porous, this means that those structures benefit from an increased bond strength.

Lowered Construction Times

Because shotcrete is sprayed when applied, it can drastically reduce the time and the cost incurred when using it compared to traditional concrete. Consideration must be given to the utilisation of a single-sided shutter with shotcrete applications versus the complex forms with conventional placement.

Contact Shotcrete Africa for Details

If you would like to know more about our shotcrete services and offers, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Shotcrete Africa today, or continue browsing through our website for details on our offers.

For specifics on these services offered by us, be sure to take a look at the appropriate service pages.

Structural Shotcrete

In today’s increasingly competitive and challenging structural concrete marketplace, the need for innovative solutions to challenging forming issues is greater than ever. Shotcrete is a more logical and efficient option for structural concrete applications with the added benefits of sustainability and environmental responsibility

Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation

One of the most economical and effective methods of concrete repair is by the shotcrete process. This is particularly true for repairs that would otherwise require forming, such as vertical and overhead repairs.

Lateral Support & Embankment Stabilisation

We offer a full design & construct package utilising an in-situ ground reinforcing system of grouted anchors, steel fabric and a layer of shotcrete that ties everything together.

Silo Relining & Repair

Silos can be given a new lease on life with a variety of shotcrete products ranging from a sacrificial 80mpa HSWR shotcrete liner for use in ore silos, new rebar and structural shotcrete to condemned silos that effectively create a new structure within/out.

Architectural, Skate-parks, & Swimming Pools

Shotcrete is the material of choice for an increasing number of architectural applications. From intricately formed building structures like skateboard parks to landscapes, artificial rockscapes, zooscapes, aquariums and natural swimming pools.

Mining – Bulk Shotcrete

Shotcrete Africa has the equipment and ability to place over 500m3 of shotcrete in a day. Unfortunately we don’t often find sites where that type of productivity is called for, but where we can offer large cost savings is in the mining / bulk shotcrete environment.

Contact Us

Shotcrete can be used in almost any concrete project and typically results in significant savings of time and money. Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.

Give us a call, drop us an email, or pay us a visit and let us know how we can assist you with wet or dry mix sprayed application, let us complete your project to the highest level of quality.

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