Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation



Our services include concrete repair and rehabilitation. We have found that one of the most economical and effective methods of concrete repair is by the shotcrete process. This is particularly true for repairs that would otherwise require forming, such as vertical and overhead repairs.

As such, we have the ability to form a durable bond interface between the existing substrate and the new concrete. This results in an excellent concrete repair when shotcrete/gunite is used. Shotcrete guarantees that any and all repairs to concrete will enhance the overall structural integrity.

Furthermore, the shotcrete approach ensures that those hard-to-reach areas are successfully taken care of. Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive service that will improve the reliability of your concrete walls and foundation.

On top of this, our concrete repair and rehabilitation services provides you with longer lasting concrete. You won’t have to replace the entire area as our approach supplies you with a low maintenance alternative.

Feel free to contact us today for more information on shotcrete and our repair and rehabilitation services. Alternatively, browse through our website and find the shotcrete service you require.

Shotcrete materials are placed pneumatically onto prepared substrates. They are then finished and cured with no additional steps required. The use of bonding agents is not needed or advised. This is down to the consolidation and bonding of the material.

This occurs during proper shotcrete application which sets the material and ensures that the strength is maintained throughout. As with all repair techniques, proper surface preparation is paramount in attaining a permanent repair solution.

The shotcrete concrete repair and rehabilitation process is typically used to restore structural integrity. However, it is also used in order to increase concrete cover over reinforcement or in some cases can be a combination of the two. It is typically used when forming requirements are difficult and/or prohibitively expensive.

Our Concrete repair division offers a structural assessment in order to properly analyse the condition of the concrete. We also provide Shotcrete/Gunite liners from 30 to over 80mpa. If you require Crack and Spalled concrete repair, we can carry the service out for you.

We also supply both catastrophic failure repair and rebar replacement and repair. Moreover, we have the expertise to carry out crack injection, carbon-fibre solutions, Cathodic protection and specialised coatings.

Finally, we ensure the renewal of the lifespan of your structure.

As we always say, “Why replace when you can renew?”.

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