Lateral Support & Embankment Stabilisation


When it comes to embankment stabilisation and lateral support, Shotcrete Africa offers a complete design and construction package that uses an in-situ ground reinforcing system of grouted anchors, steel fabric and a layer of shotcrete that ties everything together.

Where the embankment is inherently stable and only requires erosion protection, Shotcrete Africa uses smaller dowels and a layer of fibre-reinforced shotcrete.

Our full range of architectural finishes is available for both lateral support and embankment stabilisation shotcrete.

The goal of our lateral support and embankment stabilisation shotcrete is to limit additional erosion.

The benefits of lateral support and embankment stabilisation shotcrete include slope stabilisation and protection against flooding.

In addition, lateral support and embankment stabilisation shotcrete are cost-effective, efficient and durable options.


If you would like to know more about lateral support and embankment stabilisation shotcrete or to get a quote for your space, get in touch with a representative from Shotcrete Africa SCP today.

Our full range of architectural finishes are available in both instances

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