Mining – Bulk Concrete


Shotcrete Africa has the equipment and ability to place over 500 m3 of shotcrete in a day. Unfortunately, there’s not often a need for this type of productivity. However, Shotcrete Africa can offer significant cost savings for bulk shotcrete, particularly shotcrete for mining.

No other company in Africa can place bulk shotcrete faster than Shotcrete Africa. We can place twice as much shotcrete in a day than other companies that provide bulk shotcrete, while our cost per m3 is less than other suppliers. As a result, Shotcrete Africa guarantees the best quality bulk shotcrete applied at competitive prices.

Smart contractors know to choose providers that can supply shotcrete for mining that is applied correctly, quickly, and cost-effectively. As a result, Shotcrete Africa is a leading provider of bulk shotcrete.

We plan the entire application process before even entering your space to apply the bulk shotcrete. Furthermore, our team of experts are involved on-site throughout the whole process to assist with time management and to ensure the most efficient bulk shotcrete application.


If you would like to know more about our bulk shotcrete or shotcrete for miningget in touch with a representative from Shotcrete Africa today.

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