Silo Relining & Repair


Silos can be given a new lease on life with various shotcrete products ranging from a sacrificial 80mpa HSWR shotcrete liner for ore silos to new rebar and structural shotcrete to condemned silos, effectively create a new structure both inside and out.

Shotcrete South Africa has platform-access equipment that allows them to pass on cost-savings to their clients.

When it comes to concrete silo relining and repair, we offer carbon fibre solutions in addition to the shotcrete application.

The concrete silo relining and repair shotcrete process bonds the shotcrete to a thoroughly prepared surface with an estimated 65% of the tensile strength that concrete bonds to itself internally (2mpa vs 3mpa). This high-strength bond is the reason why the shotcrete will not de-laminate. Therefore, it is an excellent concrete silo relining and repair method.

Carbon fibre provides existing concrete structures with the strength and load tolerance necessary to repair and maintain the structure’s integrity. Unlike steel, carbon fibre technology is a longer-lasting, cost-effective alternative for cold joints and other small areas.

Shotcrete South Africa can design and install a concrete hopper for your silo, regardless of size or shape. The installation of a hopper allows for complete clean-out without the need for human entry.  Dangers of entering bins include atmospheric hazards, combustible risks, grain engulfment, entrapment, and asphyxiation. By increasing the slope of your existing hopper, you can eliminate cross-contamination of grains or products and avoid dangerous human entry for cleaning. In addition, the ease of adding a concrete hopper quickly maximises the simplicity and efficiency of your daily operation.


If you would like to know more about concrete silo relining and repair or get a quote, get in touch with a representative from Shotcrete South Africa today.

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